North East Bassett Residents' Association (NEBRA)

The extent of the NEBRA catchment area is shown by the dotted pink line on the map. Nebra covers the area from Bassett Avenue in the west to Bassett Green Village in the east. Bassett Wood in the South to Monkswood in the North. If you are unsure as to whether we cover your address please contact the Secretary - Nebra email.

Nebra Area

Nebra endeavours to maintain and protect our area, and to improve its amenity for residents. It takes up issues of concern of its residents with the appropriate Council department. We encourage residents to join, a united area gives Nebra a stronger voice.

If you live in our area, please join us and help to maintain and protect our area. Membership is £3.00 per household per annum, with an additional £2.00 donation (optional). Download the application from the following link, complete and return. Membership Application Form

Our open meetings are held Bi-monthly, where we update residents of items pending. Two socials and other residents friendly outings. Our councillors regularly attend our meetings to keep us informed as to what has happened, and what is going to happen in our city.

The NEBRA Data Protection statement can be downloaded from the following link. Data Protection Statement

Meeting Dates
Monday 18th March Closed 7:00pm
Monday 29th April A.G.M 7:30pm
Monday 20th May Closed 7:00pm
Monday 24th June Open 7:30pm
Monday 15th July Closed 7:00pm
August No Meeting
Monday 23rd September Closed 7:00pm
Monday 21st October Open 7:30pm
Monday 25th November Closed 7:00pm
Monday 16th December Xmas Social 7:30pm

Note: All Open meetings at Bassett Green Village Hall-- Closed meetings at 12 Bassett Green Drive. If any residents wishes for any issues to be discussed at a closed meeting please contact the Secretary on above.

Latest News ...

Bencraft Halls has been sold to a private student accommodation provider and are now private student accommodation.

Nebra continues to get the Council to honour its obligations to protect the site of natural importance for nature conservation (Bassett Woods) SINCs from the damage boys on bikes are doing.

Bassett Neighbourhood Plan. This plan is working, with no major plans for development on sites in Bassett. A sub-committee planning has been formed to ensure that Planners adhere to the plan. Any enquiries to - bassettneighbourhoodforum@gmail

Bassett Green Village Roads - We continue to plague the Council to bring forward road resurfacing and double yellow lines, that keep getting put off.

Nebra is looking at options as to how to stop vehicles parking on our verges. several options available, if we can get the Council to agree.

The Council has introduced mixed plastic recycling banks, for items not suitable for our blue recycling bins. These include yoghurt pots - butter/margarine tubs - plastic bottle tops - and cartons ( tetra-packs) and ready meal trays. These banks can be located at Woodmill car park and Westridge Road car park.

Thank you to all the residents in the area, who regularly keep our road signs clean, and collect the litter that non-residents leave behind.

Any queries feel free to contact Barry Smith (Chair) or Sharon Smith using the email -

Planning Applications - none pending.

Community Coffee mornings - Every Wednesday morning 10.00 11.30am at St Michaels & All Angels Church Hall - plenty of parking at rear of church. Coffee & Cake-- Knit for the Neo-Natal Unit at the Princess Anne Hospital-- --Book Club-- All residents Welcome.

All Saints Wives Group - Meet twice a month on a Tuesday evening 7.30 - 9.30pm--- guest speakers---lunches out---theatre trips & lots more. Why not join this small but interesting group, you do not have to be a wife to join. All Ladies Welcome. Telephone Sheila Dixey on 02380-769367 for more information

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